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Motorcycle Key

Made a replacement key for a Suzuki.

APL Card

All Purpose Locksmiths

Broken Key Removed

Broken key that was taped together & got stuck in the ignition.

Ignition Replacement

Replacing an ignition in a Honda

Commercial Latch

Replacing a broken latch on a commercial door.

Door Closer

Replacing a door closer for a pet groomer.

Push Paddle

Replacing a push paddle on a commercial door.

Rekey Locks

Rekeying locks for a home owner.

Lock Replacements

Before & After of locks on the front door.

Fresh Install

Made cut outs in the door to install a new deadbolt.

Car unlock

Unlocking a car

Honda Civic

Cut & programed a replacement key for a Honda Civic.


Repairing an ignition


Unlocking a home


Doing a fresh installation for a deadbolt keypad.

Ford Truck

Cutting and programing a key for a Ford pickup.


Rekeying a few locks for a home owner


Sliced my finger removing a broken door latch.


Picking the door lock on a semi truck.

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